All about love

It’s a lie

Time will heal you, they say
You just got to have faith
You’ll forget the pain, they say
But why am I still full of hate?

I let my tears out to dry
Stopped listening to our song
But I can’t forget how you said goodbye
I’m still inlove with you all along

My soul was dragged into the deep
I thought I was gonna die
It hurts so much I can’t sleep
Time does not heal, it’s a lie

By alwayswithlovekat

Babaeng rock ‘en roll

20 replies on “It’s a lie”

It is not time, by itself, that will heal, though it is what you do with the time that begins the healing. Remain stagnant, remain in place, and you will feel your pain at its heaviest.

Pain is a signal. It’s demanding you to move, to “do something about it”.

I’d like to say that humans were born to shape their outcomes into principles and wisdom. Every experience is a generated lesson, while every lesson is to share with the world in the form of art.

It’s how we help each other, and know that our pain is our roots, our beginning. 🙂

I once wrote a piece that created the imagery of the only tree left standing in a forest. I then asked, “Would you feel alone, or would you feel special that you were spared?”

Our roots to connect to another tree’s roots. We can comprehend each other through that pain, as we heal each other through growth.


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That’s the thing about pain, it demands to be felt. And pain is the reminder that you’re still alive. Your comment is very beautiful. It spoke to my soul. Please know that your insights are always valuable. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart 💛💛💛

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Beautiful poem….your lines are powerful & full of pain….
A few weeks back I was working on a new poem (it’s still incomplete), where I wrote “You see, healing with time is nothing but just a believable myth”. There’s more to it but that can be read when I publish it. The point is….I get what you mean dear….

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Thank you Navin. I guess this is the outcome of all the unspeakable pain.
I am dying to read your poem. Please publish it soon 😊💛

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I hope you sort out whatever it is that is going on with your site Navin. You write too good and we, your followers are eager to read what you wrote from your heart. More power to you! 💛💛💛

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Thanks for your beautiful comment dear from the heart space….I’m hoping things would soon fall in place….& you would be able to read my writings once again 💛💛💛

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