All about love

Second Chances


While on my way to work, I remembered you. Evertyhing about you came flashing right through my very eyes. It’s all beacause I saw a young couple holding hands. I heard the girl saying her iloveyous to the young man next to her. But the guy did not say a thing, he smiled instead. The girl looked alright. Then they kept walking. Still, holding each other’s hands. It is as if no one will ever let go. I just hope that the girl will not get sick and tired of loving the boy. I hope that smile could be more than enough.

I knew how the girl felt at that moment. I was like her then. I was young, inlove and carefree. I was satisfied of what you have laid down on me. I did not ask for more. I thought that we could pull it through.

It’s fine if you don’t speak of me too much when you’re out with your friends. For I know, at the end of the day, you’ll come home to me. It’s OK if you cancel our dates planned a month ago, for you to be able to attend to your friend’s birthday that you’ve been invited to just an hour before we leave. It’s OK, I know there will still be a good movie that will be shown next week. I don’t mind, as long as you are happy. Your happiness is my happiness and that’s all I’m after for. Don’t you worry, I will take care of you if you get drunk. It has always been like that afterall. I felt like chasing the rainbows alone.

When will I ever make you say you love me, too? Will it ever happen? Will I have to wait longer? Do I still have to believe in our forevermore? Am I gonna be OK? Yeah, I’ll be OK. I know I will be OK because I love you.

But then we had our own shares of struggles and failures. I realized that our love is not strong enough to keep the fire burning. I got tired. We were drawn away by our own desires. My love was not enough to make you stay. The dreaded day came….. I lost you.

Someday, we will be taking our chance from time to time. And pick up the pieces left for us. Second chances are given to those who deserve it, I hope we don’t blow ours this time around. It’s never gonna be like a walk in the park. We will still fight, you will still make me cry (that’s for sure). We will still curse at each other, but we will try and find our ways back to each other. Bear in mind that as we grow older, the romance fades away. Make sure that the friendship lives on. This is all what will be left for us, as well as the good person inside each of us that we’ve known.

I held on tight then, but I was shaken by a storm. This time I know I need to hold on tighter. You hold on tight, too so we can shrug off the catastrophe that awaits us. Let’s give it our best shot, or second chances might not come our ways ever again.

By alwayswithlovekat

Babaeng rock ‘en roll

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