All about love

Broken No More

My heart is broken no more
I can now smile from deep within
No longer hurting just like before
A new journey I must begin
To find more great things in store

My heart is broken no more
Buy you left a beautiful scar
No longer hurting and sore
Now, I like the way things are
Time to open a new door

All about love

Longing for you

All about love


I once believed in once upon a time
Inspired to write a poem with a rhyme
True love exists, an echo inside my head
And yet there were tears in my bed

The night falls, and the moon was bright
But this heart will never see the morning light
There’s no more YOU that I call my home
No one to keep me safe from raging storm

Smitten by your love, how can I let go?
Loving you is the only thing I know
Let me love you from afar now
That’s the closest I can get to you somehow

All about love

Day by Day

Once again, you made my heartbeat race
I’m exhausted trying to forget you, your face
Everytime I try feels like gasping for air
I’m stuck in a loop and that’s no fair

I’m like the dying leaf holding tight to a tree
And you, you’re the autumn wind that kills me
Just please be gone and get out of my way
Then I will feel a little bit more OK day by day

All about love


Can I stop the time and make you stay?
Please stop growing up for a little while
But I promised to not stand in your way
Especially when it’ll make you smile

As you leave my heart is torn
But I always believe in magic
Like the way you believe in unicorn
In a world full of lies and static

You will always be my little girl
Who believes that unicorns are real
You are more precious than pearl
Near or far, my love you’ll always feel

All about love


Hey, how have you been?
I’m still wondering deep within
Still waiting for a shooting star
While loving you from afar

Hey, I hope everything’s going well
I’m missing you so much you can tell
Bear in mind that now until then
You’ll always be my eleven eleven

All about love

The Best Is Yet To Come

The best is yet to come, some may say
You just need to wait and not walk away
But what if the best already came
And you let it pass because you’re lame?

How do I hold on to something so beautiful
When I know down inside I look like a fool?
Would it be better to just let go and move on
Rather than stay not knowing what’s going on?

I was ready to move on and find my peace
I’m way past crying I thought will never cease
You knocked at my door and made me weak
One hello from you is one tear down my cheek

All about love

Good Vibes 😎

Need I say more?

All about love

To Have and to Hold

Mature kind of love

I asked the heavens above

I will call you my own

And I will never be alone

To have and to hold

Til we’re wrinkly and old

All about love

And now… This is Love ♥️