All about love

Broken No More

My heart is broken no more
I can now smile from deep within
No longer hurting just like before
A new journey I must begin
To find more great things in store

My heart is broken no more
Buy you left a beautiful scar
No longer hurting and sore
Now, I like the way things are
Time to open a new door

All about love

Eye Candy

I wanted to be food to your soul

Not just an eye candy

In this heart you punched a hole

As you enjoy your wine and brandy

I want a Sunday kind of love

No, I’m not your Friday night

This is not what I dreamt of

And I’m giving up the fight

All about love

I Have To Leave

Loving can hurt you unintentionally

But begging to be loved is another story

I can’t deny the fact that beggars can’t be choosy

But I can’t keep begging you to be nice to me

All about love

Nightfall Lovers

I can never get used of being your past
Who’s going to get me through this all?
Let’s try harder to make this last
Come love me again in the nightfall

All about love

Someone You Loved

Somebody that you used to know
That’s what I am now
You came in easy and just go
I keep wondering where art thou?

You used to numb all the pain
Wipe my tears when I cry
Now you’re worst than the rain
Your promise was a lie

All about love

To Infinity And Beyond

I don’t understand
This doesn’t feel right
You let go of my hand
In the darkest part of night

To infinity and beyond
This was our vow
Suddenly I’m a vagabond
Where are you now?

All about love

Lie To Me Again

Come rest your head on my shoulder
I’ll do what it takes to feel the magic of us
Lie to me and tell me “us” is forever
And that nothing can come between us

Come to me and bathe me with your love
Touch me and make me feel special again
Just for tonight free your soul like a dove
Lie to me again and tell me this will never end

All about love

Iloveyou, Farewell!

My mind loves to remind me of you often
Yet you turned this heart as hard as stone
You promised me of love, have you forgotten?
You told me I will never ever have to be alone

Then one day you ran away and we lost touch
There’s this pain I can’t deny that’s kinda hell
Yet this heart of mine loves you a bit too much
Our memories will live on. Iloveyou, farewell

All about love

Breaking Bonds

My arms are open wide
For letting you go
I’ve put myself aside
Just to see you grow

Little did you know
You brought my heart with you
I’d rather let you go
Than see you forever blue

Tonight, I’m breaking our bond
Go roam around and wander
Travel to infinity and beyond
Just spare me the down under


All about love

Never Sleep Again

I once told you that if I dream of you
My love for you has come to an end
But who am I fooling? Me or you?
I made up the rule so I can bend
If to dream of you is the end of you
I guess I’m never sleeping again