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Distance and Love

Love is always happy when it’s new. You like the chase. It is exciting. You feel like you are Lois Lane that found your own Superman. You compliment each other. You complete each other’s sentences. The good morning and good night texts are always present. Plus the neverending exchange of I love yous. You can’t even hang up the phone when you talk. It is hard to let go. You don’t mind the distance, because it’s more painful when you don’t have him in your life. It’s just…..happy.


Along the way you’ll discover something new about each other. Good and bad. And then you made a mistake. His trust for you has been broken. Yes you try to work things out, but the warmth has fade. It could have been easier if you are together. You could have expressed yourself more if you are face to face. But that’s not the case. Distance becomes your greatest enemy. I am losing my mind. Maybe I am doing it wrong. It’s not really my call if this is over. The choice is not mine whether to leave or to stay. It’s all up to him now.


To be in a relationship is not a cakewalk. You have to work on it every single day. Relationship is a two way street. You can’t be the only one in a relationship. Love sometimes is not enough reason to stay. You must know when enough is enough. Sometimes you fight because you know that it is something that is worth fighting for. You don’t want to give up because everytime you try, you remember the reason why you held on in the first place. You love him. Giving up doesn’t mean that you are weak. It just means that you are strong enough to let go.

By alwayswithlovekat

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