All about love


I once believed in once upon a time
Inspired to write a poem with a rhyme
True love exists, an echo inside my head
And yet there were tears in my bed

The night falls, and the moon was bright
But this heart will never see the morning light
There’s no more YOU that I call my home
No one to keep me safe from raging storm

Smitten by your love, how can I let go?
Loving you is the only thing I know
Let me love you from afar now
That’s the closest I can get to you somehow

All about love

The Best Is Yet To Come

The best is yet to come, some may say
You just need to wait and not walk away
But what if the best already came
And you let it pass because you’re lame?

How do I hold on to something so beautiful
When I know down inside I look like a fool?
Would it be better to just let go and move on
Rather than stay not knowing what’s going on?

I was ready to move on and find my peace
I’m way past crying I thought will never cease
You knocked at my door and made me weak
One hello from you is one tear down my cheek

All about love

Eye Candy

I wanted to be food to your soul

Not just an eye candy

In this heart you punched a hole

As you enjoy your wine and brandy

I want a Sunday kind of love

No, I’m not your Friday night

This is not what I dreamt of

And I’m giving up the fight

All about love

Awaken Senses

Nothing hurts more than seeing someone you love, loving someone else
And that person is no longer in your life
But I guess it’s safe to say
That someone who loves you will always stay
Sometimes a bit distant
But will never leave you
They always stay
I’m done begging
I’m tired of chasing
Time to make my wants, want me…..

All about love

It Really Hurts

I was your first

But she was your last

All about love

Reality of Closures

Sometimes you don’t get closures.

You just move on…..

Reality of Closures
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All about love

Nightfall Lovers

I can never get used of being your past
Who’s going to get me through this all?
Let’s try harder to make this last
Come love me again in the nightfall

All about love

Someone You Loved

Somebody that you used to know
That’s what I am now
You came in easy and just go
I keep wondering where art thou?

You used to numb all the pain
Wipe my tears when I cry
Now you’re worst than the rain
Your promise was a lie

All about love

To Infinity And Beyond

I don’t understand
This doesn’t feel right
You let go of my hand
In the darkest part of night

To infinity and beyond
This was our vow
Suddenly I’m a vagabond
Where are you now?

All about love

Lie To Me Again

Come rest your head on my shoulder
I’ll do what it takes to feel the magic of us
Lie to me and tell me “us” is forever
And that nothing can come between us

Come to me and bathe me with your love
Touch me and make me feel special again
Just for tonight free your soul like a dove
Lie to me again and tell me this will never end