All about love

Autumn πŸ‚

I watch the leaves dance in mid air

As the bird flies looking for its pair

Metamorphosis through my very eyes

Velvet shadows of the moon in the skies

This love-sick heart is trying to mend

Like the Autumn it’s going to end

Confessions unheard, I burried them all

Winter will numb my heart after Fall

By alwayswithlovekat

Babaeng rock β€˜en roll

10 replies on “Autumn πŸ‚”

Like we are looking for our pair to start a new life with. Thank you so much Kritika for dropping by my site. You made my day 😊

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Yay!!! Yes, writing is like food to my soul so I’m gonna keep on writing. You write soulfully yourself 😊 always take care Kritika!

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