All about love

Someone You Loved

Somebody that you used to know
That’s what I am now
You came in easy and just go
I keep wondering where art thou?

You used to numb all the pain
Wipe my tears when I cry
Now you’re worst than the rain
Your promise was a lie

All about love

Iloveyou, Farewell!

My mind loves to remind me of you often
Yet you turned this heart as hard as stone
You promised me of love, have you forgotten?
You told me I will never ever have to be alone

Then one day you ran away and we lost touch
There’s this pain I can’t deny that’s kinda hell
Yet this heart of mine loves you a bit too much
Our memories will live on. Iloveyou, farewell

All about love

Never Sleep Again

I once told you that if I dream of you
My love for you has come to an end
But who am I fooling? Me or you?
I made up the rule so I can bend
If to dream of you is the end of you
I guess I’m never sleeping again

All about love

Love Astray

I don’t know what to believe in anymore
But I love you dearly that’s for sure
You are that one person that I long for
To this wounded heart, you’re the only cure

I’ve travelled half my life, far and beyond
I got lost in space in a blink of your eyes
Sometimes I wish I have a magic wand
Just a wave and I can find where love truly lies


All about love

Somewhere In Time

I’ve been too used to in saying goodbyes
Broken soul and a broken heart
Sleepless night and tears in my eyes
I’m getting used to us being apart

I still love you but I’m letting you go for now
Maybe somewhere in time we meet again
We don’t know what might happen tomorrow
We’ll just meet and maybe it’s our time again

All about love

I’m not a poet

I don’t have unfathomable words
And I can’t even hum any chords
I’m a person inlove, not a poet
Writing is my best way to show it

One day, I’ll run out of rhymes
But never will I forget our old times
This lovesick heart is always yours
Come hell, high waters or thunder roars

All about love

No More Us

I sit alone in the dark
My tea’s gone cold
In my mind is the playback
Of all the the things you told

“There’s no more us”
You said like a resounding gong
You crushed my heart
I was never loved all along

You have thrown away
Our memories precious than gold
The last I heard
To the devil your soul you sold

All about love

Sky Bleeds

I love you everyday
To the moon and back
No matter what you say
Even this heart has a crack

Hear my heart’s creeds
It calls out your name
Until the sky bleeds
I love you just the same

All about love

I Loved You Too Much

I have loved you
With all the love
That I can give

I have loved you
The best way
I know how

I have loved you
Too much
And it hurts

I have loved you
I can never love again

All about love

Autumn 🍂

I watch the leaves dance in mid air

As the bird flies looking for its pair

Metamorphosis through my very eyes

Velvet shadows of the moon in the skies

This love-sick heart is trying to mend

Like the Autumn it’s going to end

Confessions unheard, I burried them all

Winter will numb my heart after Fall