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Our Song


Today is just another ordinary day, until I heard our song on the radio. I remembered the days when I am yours and you were still mine. I can vividly see your face in my mind. As the song plays, all the feelings that I felt for you came back. The love, the hate and anger. It’s as if it was only yesterday that we parted our ways.

This isn’t right! I’ve already buried the moments we have had. I buried those memories long ago. You are just the ghost of my past. Little did I know that the ghost of my past will haunt me one day. And this is that “one day.”

When we parted our ways, only one thing is clear – we’re through! And just like that, we lived our separate lives and haven’t seen or heard from you since. I’m doing just fine. I am now used to not having you around. But why am I acting and feeling weird when I heard our song? Seems like the melodramatic fool and sentimental freak inside of me wants to come out. Am I not strong enough to forget you?


Maybe my heart is longing for a closure. A closure that we never had. But I am guessing that sometimes, not having a closure is a closure. If there’s one thing that I’ve learned from “us” is that, closure is a luxury that everyone can’t afford to have. Maybe I am not one of those few people who was given a chance to have the luxury of closure. But this I know for sure – I was given a chance to love and be loved. To be hurt so I can appreciate the joy even more and to cry to appreciate the laughter even better.

The next time that I hear our song on the radio, it will just be one of those ordinary songs even on the most extra ordinary days.


By alwayswithlovekat

Babaeng rock ‘en roll

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