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Letter to my son

Fifteen years ago on Sunday, November 19, 2000 at 10:30 in the morning, I became a mom for the first time. (And probably the last time. LOL!) You did not let me experience the labor pains, that’s how good you are even if you are still inside my tummy. You are 2 weeks earlier than I expected, you must be so very excited to see the world. You taught me so much in the first hour of your life and it was then I knew how blessed I truly was to have been chosen as your mom.

You arrived just 3 months after my 18th birthday and not one time did I think I could not fulfill my position as your mom. I never thought that I am capable of loving someone this much until you came. I have grown into a strong woman. You have made me stronger during my weakest moments and you made me the happiest during those saddest time in my life.

Watching you sleep when you were little and holding your hand made me feel protected as we grew together. There is this indescribable feeling whenever I hear your giggle and laughter. You made me keep going, that is why I was able to take every step that I need to take. You made me fight for life when I thought there’s nothing more to fight for.

I know having been born to a young mom didn’t make the situation easier. We had our own shares of misunderstandings and arguments. There will be more of it. But please always bear in mind that all I have ever done was always to benefit you and to give you all that you deserve and desire in life.

Time flies, you are now 15 years old – you’ve grown into a young man I’ve always wanted you to be. Please remember that there are still so much more ahead that you will learn and grow from. You will be forevermore my Pochoychoy. Iloveyou more than I will be able to describe.


By alwayswithlovekat

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