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Letting Go


In life, we all have that one thing that we’ve always wanted to be ours, and ours alone. Most of the time, we even hurt the people who loves us just to bring that dream into a reality. We focus on getting that “something” we want so bad.

Then all the hard work paid off, you’ve got what you want. Then you look around you, no one’s with you with your victory. No one to share it with. Because you have ignored them while chasing your dream.You are not happy.  And then you ask yourself: “is this really what I want?” “Is it all worth it? YOU ARE NOT HAPPY!

Let it go, maybe you never really wanted it afterall. Let go, it’s over! It’s done! Let go even if it hurts, let time heal you until it hurts no more. Move on! And it’s OK.


By alwayswithlovekat

Babaeng rock ‘en roll

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