All about love

I want you

I will choose you on the days that we do not understand each other
I will choose you on the days that we do not agree with each other
I will choose you even if sometimes we can’t give the needs of each other
I will choose you even if we forget our promises to each other
and even how rough the road may seem, I will still choose to love you. Because our love taught me, taught me that love isn’t just a feeling, but a decision. A decision that I won’t ever regret. A decision that did not disappoint me to be happy with you even from the start. And with all the decisions I have made with my life, for as long as I can, as long as I can be tougher and braver for you, I’ll stand up for you for the rest of my life. I love you so much. I am ready to hope everyday, that you and I, no matter how long it will take, or hard, or no matter how painful, I will never ever leave your side. I love you…..

All about love

I Love You Just The Same

You ignored me
Countless times
You ignored me
Til I ran out of rhymes

You hate me so much
You left
You hate me so much
You forget

I will still love you
Though you forget my name
I will still love you
Just the same…..

All about love

Lost in Love

I lost myself in search of love
Without your love I’m astray
Let there be miracle from above
And be my sunshine til old and gray

I float in space among the stars
But this heart is heavy and tired to fight
Waiting for this wound to turn to scars
Time to rest ‘cause I travelled half the night

All about love

Shooting Star 💫

If I can have one wish

I’d wish to turn back time

When everything’s at peace

And you are still mine

Melodramatic fool I might seem

But when the universe collide

I hope to see you

And moonlight beam

All about love

The Willoughbys

A few lines from the song entitled “I Choose”, sung by Alessia Cara from the movie – The Willoughbys

This is my life in a nutshell 💛

“Through the lows and the highs, I will stay by your side
There’s no need for goodbyes, now I’m seeing the light
When the sky turns to grey and there’s nothing to say
At the end of the day, I choose you

All about love

Autumn 🍂

I watch the leaves dance in mid air

As the bird flies looking for its pair

Metamorphosis through my very eyes

Velvet shadows of the moon in the skies

This love-sick heart is trying to mend

Like the Autumn it’s going to end

Confessions unheard, I burried them all

Winter will numb my heart after Fall