All about love

Someday Soon

Oh yes, I’m still not over you
There are still times
That I cry myself to sleep
There are still times
That I wake up in the middle of the night
Catching my breath
My pillows are wet
Because I cried thinking of you
There are still mornings
That I wake up staring blankly into space
My whole body is paralyzed
But I feel a thorn strucked into my chest
Pain, I only feel pain
And yes there are still times
That I catch myself dumbfounded
Just by simply hearing your name
No looking back but I can’t move on
I seemed stranded
I feel like dying over and over again
I want to be happy like you
When? I hope someday soon

All about love

Don’t Fall Inlove With Me

Don’t fall inlove with me
I might cling to you all day
Don’t fall inlove with me
I might always get in your way
Don’t fall inlove with me
I might expect too much from you
Don’t fall inlove with me
I might ask you things you won’t do
Don’t fall inlove with me
I might say things you won’t like
Don’t fall inlove with me
I might break you in one strike
Don’t fall inlove with me
I might just ruin your life
Don’t fall inlove with me
I’ve had enough heartaches and strife

All about love

I’m not enough

I’m sorry if my love wasn’t strong enough to make you stay
I’m sorry I wasn’t enough
And I’m sick of it

All about love

I’d Still Choose You

I always told myself that I am invincible
Then you were gone, I was left miserable
Look at me, having the greatest heartache
I guess setting you free is a huge mistake

Nevertheless, I’d still choose you
My happiest days are the ones spent with you
I’d still choose you to be right next to me
I’d choose you even until the next eternity

You were the best I’ve ever had
Everyday, I still miss you so bad
Bear in mind, I love you very big
And deeper than anyone can ever dig

All about love

My Biggest Why

You were the answer
to my whys
You drove away
The dark gray skies

But your time for me
Has ended
This heart of mine
Is hardened

You are someone
Else’s sunshine
You are
No longer mine

I tried so hard
To fight for you
Now I don’t believe
In forever, too

All about love

Beautiful Nightmare

My soul gets lost in your eyes
Makes me soar to endless skies
Your voice takes me to paradise
I wouldn’t trade it at any price

Your touch brings me to greater heights
You’re like the sun with gleaming lights
Nothing feels safer than being with you
I sleep like a baby when I’m next to you

Half of my heart has your name on it
The love you offer me, nothing can beat
But then I was crying when I woke up
This was just a dream that my mind made up

All about love

Leave When You Love

I’ve been wanting to heal
Been trying to forget you
But the agony is real

Everyday I’m losing my grip
I’m like a lifeless statue
That awaits for sunsrise strip

Love’s lost and here I grieve
I love you too much and it hurts
To prove my love I need to leave

All about love

It’s a lie

Time will heal you, they say
You just got to have faith
You’ll forget the pain, they say
But why am I still full of hate?

I let my tears out to dry
Stopped listening to our song
But I can’t forget how you said goodbye
I’m still inlove with you all along

My soul was dragged into the deep
I thought I was gonna die
It hurts so much I can’t sleep
Time does not heal, it’s a lie

All about love

Chances are

Never a day without thinking of you
I’m wondering what you’re doing
Do you think of me in the morning?
Or do you somehow miss me, too?

I wish I did not let you go
I wish I held on a little tighter
Now my life is a lot quieter
But I don’t have a happy glow

I had my chance with you
But I blew it, this I know
Now I’m lost nowhere to go
My sun is dark, no more moonlight, too

All about love

My Person

I cried for the wrong reason
Dwelled with agony
For quite too long
Then came to realization
That since day one
You were never my person

In loving you
I did not lack
Go on your way
And never come back
I want to be alone
And get back on track

If someone ask you
Tell them I’ll be just fine
It’s easy to explain
You are no longer mine
Have fun out there
And this – this is the end of the line