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I Fell Inlove With a Robot

One there was a man
Who rarely even talks
He always wish I was gone
And always away he walks

Practically he knows the answer
To all the questions that I ask
But all of these doesn’t matter
Because he wouldn’t take off his mask

Thouh he disconnects too easily
Off guard I’m still undeniably caught
I loved him but he never needed me
It was then I knew, I fell inlove with a robot

By alwayswithlovekat

Babaeng rock ‘en roll

13 replies on “I Fell Inlove With a Robot”

There’s another side I think many often haven’t considered. If I attract the kinds of people that don’t appreciate me or really like who I am, I don’t spend time with them. Never. But when I was young, I realized that I sometimes sought out friendships, even if it meant compromising my own identity. No thanks, I learned early. And I think, if people lived by the concept of understanding and respect, they will lose the ungrateful, and have more time for positive things.

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