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Now Is Not Forever

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Since you waved your last goodbye
I spent the rest of my days sulking
I don’t know how my days would pass by
Might be heavens above is joking

I’m miserable today and everyday
More than you could ever imagine
Magic died, rain washed them away
Not a kind of life I want to be in

How long do I have to be this way?
I hope one day things are just better
I’m lost without you, that’s needless to say
All I know is that now is not my forever

By alwayswithlovekat

Babaeng rock ‘en roll

16 replies on “Now Is Not Forever”

You worked that in flawlessly. That’s really cool. It’s hard to always find a line or something you like and make it work into a piece of writing so easily. I love this one! It’s sad and cute and hopeful all at once. Really good work!

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There will be a day when a person will treat you with the utmost acceptance. After all, we DO only ever fall in love, once. I believe that.

Any person who claims they fell in love, twice, means to say they did not trust the first person, enough. It requires trust to be vulnerable around someone. If we cannot break into 2, then we cannot form a 1, with our heart to match theirs. No 2 people to love, even at different times of one’s life, can be felt with the same depth of vulnerability.

Love is a conquest, I believe. It’s a time where we find ourselves both captured and holding onto something. 🙂

I choose to believe there are people in this world to hold onto, at the cost of sacrificing yourself. We’d not grow if we could not shed our skin.

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Whoa! This is mesmerizing. I remember my favorite quote: “There are all kinds of love in this world, but never the same love twice. ” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

Your words are truly awakening and your depth is truly admirable. Thank you always for putting in your insights and words of wisdom. You earn my respect! I hope to read more from you. Salute!!!

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