All about love

Never Love Again

My head already knows
But my heart couldn’t accept
And I don’t like how it flows

I’m still the girl you knew back then
I’m still the most loving person
But you made me don’t want to love again

By alwayswithlovekat

Babaeng rock ‘en roll

20 replies on “Never Love Again”

Believe me, it’s your phase, where you feel like this….you’re a born believer, who believes in love & purity….hang on dear, let it dissolve to give birth to new…..

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That’s a strong contrast, which I think really makes the poem: to be the most loving and yet not want to love again (and also heart vs. brain feelings), I guess you could love someone so much you could never love someone the same again after that. That’s a strong, intense feeling to experience. Another relatable post, for sure! But I’m always saying that with your work.

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Thank you so much Ben! You know when you’re broken you’re confused, too. I think that’s what happened here. Lol! And the never loving again part – that’s still true. Atleast for now 😊😊😊


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