All about love

Maybe. Just maybe

I don’t feel you anymore
Am I becoming numb?
Or you’re just not around anymore

You seem too quiet lately
Am I becoming deaf?
Or maybe I’m just going crazy

Your arms are way too cold
Am I becoming sensitive?
Or maybe the feelings just got old

I wish you well my love
I won’t get in your way
You’re as free as a dove

By alwayswithlovekat

Babaeng rock ‘en roll

9 replies on “Maybe. Just maybe”

For as much as we lose, it is as much as we can remember.

I loved this piece. The distance created within the first line within each stanza, to the next where there’s a question, is like attempting to discern warmth from coldness. As though there is something to be wanted, yet doubt is all to understand.

I should repeat what I once heard. That, with faith, there is always doubt. As long as any person travels their own life, doesn’t remain still, there are still things to trust. There are things to hope for, futures to attain, and light to reach for and grab.

I feel we all have so much to learn, and we will thirst, and thirst some more, never growing weary of our curiosity. 🙂

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This is wonderful. You’re right, when I wrote this poem, a part of me is still longing something from the past that I can never bring back. So just let go. And the only thing that you can do to someone you love is make them happy, even if this means setting them free.

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