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Roller Coaster Of Life

Save me from this roller coaster of emotions
My sanity is hanging by a thread
Tired of chaos and all of these commotions
I lost count of the days I have bled

Didn’t imagine my life would be this low
Since I lost you I lived in paranoia
I have to face my own demon, I know
But I can’t escape from nostalgia

The pain of losing you cuts like a knife
I imagined growing old by your side
Truly this is a roller coaster of life
Either you scream or enjoy the ride

By alwayswithlovekat

Babaeng rock ‘en roll

15 replies on “Roller Coaster Of Life”

Although it might sound mean at first – please enjoy these ups and downs. That means being alive. At least you’re capable to experience these emotions and don’t live a blend and boring life.
My best wishes are with you, dear Kat. Love, Sovely

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