All about love

Time Machine

I wanted to be on a time machine
And travel as far back on the day
That I don’t know you
If I could only teach this heart to forget you
You know I’d do

If there’s a pill in forgetting the past
I’d spend all my money
To buy it all and take them
All at once
Just to forget you

I hope to wake up one day
And my memories of you are gone
If only I could turn back time
I’ll live the life I’ve lived before
Without you in it

But there’s nothing in this world
That can make me forget you
I need to endure all the pain
And let time heal me
Cry it all out until I cry no more

By alwayswithlovekat

Babaeng rock ‘en roll

19 replies on “Time Machine”

It’s interesting that when it comes to love, when it comes to time, when it comes to our memories, even if we did step into such a machine so we can make the decision to not know that person, we wouldn’t forget them. We’d still have that memory in our heads, still be able to feel the experience as we did, once we come back to the present, and live our ongoing lives.

I guess that as we trust, we take risks, we make ourselves vulnerable when we open our minds and our hearts. We should learn from pain…

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I couldn’t agree more! Very well said head on. There’s just no shortcuts in moving on. The pain demands to be endured. Then when you get over it, you’ll laugh at yourself looking back on those memories you one thought was going to be end of the world for you 😊

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I really do relate to this. I have often thought that I would like to be able to take a pill and forget the past. A really good poem 😊

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Or some kind of medical procedure that can take out the part of your life that you want to be gone forever. Thank you so much! 💛😊


Oh yes, I do understand that. Iwas only thinking this last night when I wanted to cut a huge part of my life out. 😊

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Yeah. Pain demands to be felt. You have to endure pain until it hurts no more. Thank you for the hugs! Now I feel better 😊💛

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