All about love

Day In A Life

Some days you laugh, some days you cry
Sometimes you just feel like giving up
Some days low and some days high
Sometimes you don’t feel like getting up

Some days you smile, some days you grin
Sometimes you’re everything in between
Some days lose and some days win
Sometimes you just have to give in

Some days are smooth, some days are rough
Sometimes you have to learn to be tough
Some days more some days few
Sometimes you have to start anew

Some days dark and some days light
Sometimes you don’t give up the fight
Some days are bad, some days are good
Sometimes everything is at it should

Some days you hate, some days you love
Sometimes you beg from up above
Some days warm and some days cold
Sometimes you just let life unfold

By alwayswithlovekat

Babaeng rock ‘en roll

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