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One Of These Days…..

I stepped outside on one fine day, the sun is shining upon me. As I walk, I carried with me the happy thoughts that we made together. I was smiling all throughout. Bumped into some friends from childhood, and they noticed the glow in my eyes. The glow that they never saw way back then. My eyes speaks for me, I can’t deny the happiness that I feel. The happiness succumbs my whole being. And I started feeling this since the day you said you love me. It was then that I felt that I belong to someone. I finally found my home. You are my home.

I countinued walking, then little by little, I noticed that the sky is turning gray. The clouds look so heavy. Everything turned gloomy all of a sudden. I know it’s gonna rain. Now I am afraid. I feel so alone. Walking in the middle of the street while raining is no fun. Oh I hate the rain! Then I felt the raindrop on my head, then on my cheek. And few moments later I am soaking wet. The rain is pouring as well as my eyes are shedding tears. I thanked the rain somehow, because people did not notice that I was crying. I can’t help it, I am so far from home. I can’t wait for the next morning, when everything is bright again.

I’ll continue this journey that we have started. I am closer to you today than I was yesterday.You are worth the wait my love. Someday soon I am gonna be out again on one fine day, but next time I’m gonna make sure that WE are holding each other’s hands. I’ll never have to worry when it rains, I’ll just laugh it off with you. Please don’t let go. I’ll never give up on us. I’ll never give up on this dream that we will be together soon. I’ll just close my eyes, and maybe when I wake up, I am home.

By alwayswithlovekat

Babaeng rock ‘en roll

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