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The girl with a broken heart


Full moon. Cold night. Dark Room. Bruised heart. These are all I’ve got when I learned you are with someone now. It’s funny how you love a person now and then treat them as if they are non-existent on the next day.
I shouldn’t have let you go in retrospect. Now I’m half alive. A dead man walking. Begging for a little bit of your time and trying to be contented on whatever there is that you can give. Pathetic, yes. A part of me does not want to give up. No, not just yet.

I used to be a warrior but I am now the weakest. I have forgotten to forget you. My love for you is resilient. But my heart is screaming inside. I want to heal. Should I rip my heart open to stop this excruciating pain? The pain that succumbs my whole being. It hurts. It hurts so bad. It hurts so much. Make it stop. I wanted to be numb of all these drama. I am hoping for the night to come that I dream of you, to finally say it’s over. I wanna soar high above again, carefree. But until now I am waiting for the goodnight texts that will never come. Tell me, HOW DO I UNLOVE YOU? …..

By alwayswithlovekat

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