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A Letter For the New Girl



Dear New Girl,

It’s been a year and a month since we called it quits. We used to talk everyday even after we parted ways. Until that everyday became once a week, then nothing.
And I don’t know for how long you have been together.
But with all that aside, if he’s anything like he was at the beginning of our relationship, then I just want to say how lucky you are. It’s so hard to be a part of his world, but you made it.

You can tell him everything, everything under the sun. He’ll laugh at your jokes even at the corniest ones.
With him, you will always feel secure and feel that in this life, you have an ally. I hope you take care of him.
Take care of him the way I wasn’t able to because I am miles away.

Sometimes, you’ll feel you are dealing with a three-year old kid. He has this certain stubbornness that you don’t imagine ever exist. You are going to notice how he gets excited like a child when it comes to certain things, like Deftones, Jake and Finn, video games and most especially, hockey.

He has a temper, as I’m sure you have noticed, so don’t take it personally. When he storms off, let him go and trust he’ll always come back with a smile.

He has bigger dreams than he is confident enough to believe in, so it’s your job to tell him every day how handsome he is and how smart he is and that he is capable of it all. He won’t believe you, but don’t stop saying it.

I can’t tell you every secret because it took me time to figure that out myself. But just trust that there are reasons he doesn’t say what you want him to, and there are reasons he doesn’t do what you want.

He may not talk about me to you; he didn’t talk to his friends about it when it ended, so I don’t know if they will know either.

Please love him with all of your heart. You are his future now.

Hold on to him as hard as you can. I hope your love is enough. I hope that your all, becomes his all.
All my love,

His first love

By alwayswithlovekat

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