All about love


This is a poem that was made for me who was then a very special boy. I still remember every words by heart. Thank you for this. Thank you for making me feel special and wanted.


Just the sight of your pretty face
And the warmth of your embrace
Never a day without thinking of you
In my heart and mind, I’ll always be true
Nothing can make me forget you
Always longing to be close to you

Keeping you in the bottom of my heart
Always confused I don’t know where to start
Talking on the phone we sometimes do
Hearing you say you’ll always be true
Right here next to you I’ll always be
In my arms you’ll never be
Not minding what other people say
Ever if you weep, I’ll always stay

By alwayswithlovekat

Babaeng rock ‘en roll

One reply on “JANINA KATHRINE”

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