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2 Weddings and a Funeral

These past few weeks have been quite a journey. A roller coaster of emotions, all overwhelming.

June 24, 5 out of 7 siblings and half of the population of our niblings, sons and daughters were joined together to witness the wedding of our eldest nephew and to which was held in Cebu. The feeling of happiness and eagerness is higher than the clouds that our airplane touched when we took off as we welcome the newest member of our family. Every second of every minute counts as we reminisce our happy childhood days. Teasing each other how everyone changed and how some gained too much weight. This lasted for 4 days and 3 nights. We’re happy like that.

June 27, when we landed in Manila, we attended the funeral of my son’s grandfather. Who died when we landed in Cebu. This is the grandfather who took care of my son since he is a day old up until he’s 18. The tables have turned, as happy as my son is to meet his other side of the family, he came back to a grandfatherless home. This broke his heart. And I am breaking for him, too. But death is inevitable and acceptance is the bitter pill that you have to swallow to lessen the pain and keep moving on. Anak, lolo taught you to be brave -be brave for lola.

Next week, July 5, we will be witnessing the union of my brother and his long time partner. Another reason to celebrate and believe that true love exists. We’ve all been waiting for this moment to come and finally it’s about to come true. In a matter of days, the event that everyone of us prayed for will finally happen and we get to witness it right before our very eyes.

We’ve been happy. We’ve been sad. Our hormones got mixed up. We’ve encountered bits of bumps on the road before we fly back to Manila. One hell of a ride, this is TRUE!

But all of these are no match to us. We don’t give a damn. Nothing can bring us down. Ask why? Because….. WE ARE THE SANTOSES

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