All about love


I had the most colorful world when you came. I had the brightest rainbow anyone has ever seen. The brightest ray of sunshine no one could ever imagine belongs to me. Rain drops that I have learned to trust and love can freely dance on my cheeks, without the hesitation that they will betray me. The wind that blows and makes my hair sway uplifts my spirit. Everything was surreal. Sublime. That’s just what I thought.

I never took the courage to face the truth that you were my blue crayon. You’ll never be enough to color my skies. I fooled myself that I can hold on to your beauty. I was blinded by the truth that the rain will always hurt me – kill me!

When reality hit it hits hard. Now as I drown in my own tears, you’re nowhere to be found. I guess this time hope is not enough to hold on to to lessen the pain. I thought I can stand tall at all times. I grew tired. I’m wanting for a reason to come so I can still hold on until I’m old and wrinkly. I LIED and I’m broken.


By alwayswithlovekat

Babaeng rock ‘en roll

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